Welcome to the PETZ Club 500 Contest!

Get ready to boost your store’s followers with a chance for one of your employees to win $200! Who will be the next winner in the PETZ CLUB 500?

What are the benefits of a store follower in the PETZ program? 

Your Store Followers will Have:
Higher visit frequency and spend more time in your store!
Better engagement and be more loyal to your store.
A more personalized and tailored shopping experience.

Growing your store's followers means increased exposure to all the coupons available in the PETZ app each week. As your follower count grows, so does the number of in-store redemptions! 

More Followers = More Sales & Profit! 

Here's How the Contest Works!

Contest Kick-off: 
The contest starts today, based on your current follower count. Let's see how many new store followers your team can get!

The Objective: 
The team’s goal is to gain 500 new store followers within the next 30 days. Every new follower you gain contributes to your success in this collective mission. Remember, you MUST reach your 500 new followers within the next 30 days!

The Reward: 

Once your store reaches 500 new followers, a random drawing will be held among all "app-connected" employees in your store. The lucky winner will receive a $200 bonus. You decide if there are any “app-connected” phone numbers that need to be excluded from the contest.

The Winner Announcement: 
Keep an eye out for the winner announcement! At 3 pm, the day after your store reaches its 500th new follower, PETZ will send out a notification to all employees revealing the lucky winner.

Claiming the Prize: 
Your employee will receive a winning voucher to redeem their $200 prize right in their PETZ in-app wallet. They will also receive a special link to their phone to redeem the voucher. Once redeemed at your register, the $200, along with the 2% transfer fee, will be credited to your PETZ store account. 

Keep the Momentum Going:

If you think 500 new store followers is too easy; maybe you reached the goal in less than 30 days, we've got an exciting twist... Contest Reset! For every additional 500 new store followers reached within the maximum allotted time of 30 days, another random winner will receive the $200 bonus.​​ 

On your marks, get set, Follow!