- PETZ On boarding plan and what happens next -

You have been sent a sales order for the initial funding of your account, below you will find all the information that we will need to setup your account.

First things first, here is our W-9 for your records 

- Product Template  - 

Required Information 

  • Brand Name(s)                                   • Product Names
  • Product UPCs                                       • Product Descriptions
  • Product Model Numbers                   • Product MSRPs

Rewards Program 


  • Confirm if it is an individual or pooled brand program 
  • Define the percentage of cash back 
  • Define the redemption tiered dollar amounts (The are the different values in which a consumer can convert their reward dollars to coupons) 
  • Name of the program

Birthday Club Details

  • Select the products to be offered for a pet's birthday 
  • Offers can only be percentage off 
  • Offers can be targeted by category / age / weight / breed 
  • Offers are good for 30 days


Your PETZ brand representative will review the different administrative items including:

  • Alerts Settings
  • Low Account Balance 
  • Draft Campaigns (Alerts when the portal does not have any campaigns ready to be queued) 
  • Low Campaign Balance 
  • Financial Settings 
  • Set up default campaign dollar amount 
  • Setup banking information for ACH, Credit Card or Invoicing 
  • Additional contact information 
  • Spokespet name 
  • Spokespet image - Format PNG / JPEG (Not Transparent)

 - SpokesPet Program -

        Now it's time to have some fun. Create your Spokespets! They are your brands voice that speaks directly to the consumer.  

SpokesPet Names

Create a name for your SpokesPet!

SpokesPet Image

Upload a JPG image of your SpokesPet.

Make a post

Go ahead and introduce your spokespet by making your first post.

Next Steps for PETZ 

  • PETZ will set up the Brand’s portal 
  • PETZ will provide complete training to brand’s administrator on their portal functionality 
  • PETZ will work with the Brand to produce a minimum of 8 weeks of campaigns 
  • PETZ will coordinate the images and marketing messages for the campaigns that can be reviewed in the brand's portal. 
  • Brands will have several weeks to review and edit/delete or approve their campaigns in their PETZ portal