Store Promotions

Store promotions are a great way to set your store apart from the rest!  This is also the best way to guarantee there is a way for EVERY customer to save with PETZ.  Best of all, it's easy with Pinogy + PETZ!  Store promotions are promotions from your store that you get to limit 1 per customer by using PETZ. PETZ DOES NOT reimburse for store promotions.

Single use store promotions!

  1. In your Dashboard click the + to select the promotion(s) you would like to run for your store
  2. The customer saves a promotion to their wallet
  3. Shops at your store
  4. When checking out the point of sale will walk the cashier through the redemption
  5. The coupon is redeemed for that consumer's phone number

Store promotion at checkout

  1. ​Select the customer
  2. Scan the products
  3. Select "Pay"
  4. Choose any applicable promotions and select the products they are associated with
  5. Complete the sale!

To see the redemption process of a store promotion, please view the video below!


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