Archiving Products

Need to get a product back?
If you see a campaign for a product you do not carry that is available in PETZ, the solution is easy! If you have zero inventory on the product you may archive it, don't worry you can undo this at any time! This process is essential to keeping the offers your customers see on the PETZ app relevant to your store!

To delete: 

  1. Open the products module.
  2. Select the product you wish to archive.
  3. Hit the delete button on the bottom, there is a red border around the button in the first image.

To restore:

  1. In the products module click on the The Smart Table Settings Icon in the top right highlighted in the red box as shown in the first image.
  2. In the Table Settings tab find the column "Show Active/Deleted" and switch from "Show Active" to "Show Deleted" as seen in the second image.
  3. Now any and all products you have or will archive will be in this list!
  4. To unarchive it just select the product and click "Restore" as seen in the third image.

Follow along with the interactive photo gallery for screen shots of the process!

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