Coupon Handling


Coupon Handling:


This section outlines the correct workflow for handling coupon authorizations, applications, discounts, and redemption within the payment process.

Workflow for Coupon Authorization and Redemption

Handling coupons effectively requires a specific sequence of actions during the checkout process:

  1. Initiate Payment: Start the coupon handling process when the customer opts to pay.
  2. Apply Promotions: Before proceeding with coupon authorization, ensure all applicable store promotions are applied to the purchase.
  3. Authorize PETZ Coupons: Use the /posface/auth/create/ endpoint to authorize the use of PETZ coupons. This step verifies the availability and applicability of coupons to the current purchase.
  4. Display Discounts: Once coupon authorization is successful, display the discounts to the cashier, showing how the coupons affect the total purchase amount.
  5. Proceed with the Sale and Take Payment: After applying the discounts from PETZ coupons, continue with finalizing the sale. At this stage, accept the payment method to cover any remaining balance.
  6. Capture Authorization: Confirm the finalization of coupon discounts and complete the payment process by capturing the coupon authorization through the /posface/auth/redeem/ endpoint.
  7. Redeem Promotions: After successful payment, ensure that any applied promotions are marked as redeemed, maintaining accurate promotional tracking.

Handling Issues

Encountering problems during coupon handling? The PETZ Wallet is your go-to resource for troubleshooting. Common issues include incorrect phone numbers or product mismatches that prevent coupon application.

Related API Endpoints

  • Coupon Authorization: /posface/auth/create/
    • For initiating the authorization of coupons.
  • Coupon Redemption: /posface/auth/capture/
    • For capturing the authorization post-payment and redeeming the coupon.
  • Customer Data Retrieval: /posface/customer/set/
    • For accessing the customer's PETZ Wallet, for identifying applicable coupons and resolving issues.

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