Order Handling

Order Handling:


This section details the essential data requirements for order creation and updates, and outlines the recommended practices for using the PETZ API to handle orders and customer changes.

Essential Data for Order Creation

To initiate an order with PETZ, the following information is required:

  • Device Reference (device_ref): Identifies the POS device creating the order.
  • Order Reference (order_ref): A unique identifier for the order within each account. Ensure uniqueness to prevent data conflicts.

Using the Order Set Endpoint

The /posface/order/set/ endpoint is versatile, supporting both the creation of new orders and the updating of existing orders. It is essential to interact with this endpoint at specific stages of the order process:

  1. Order Creation: Call this endpoint as soon as an order_ref is generated within your POS system. This step registers the initial order details with PETZ.
  2. Customer Changes: Whenever a customer is added or removed from the sale, update the order details by calling the endpoint again. This ensures that customer information is accurately reflected in the order.
  3. Order Completion: Once the order reaches its final status (e.g., payment received), update the order to reflect its completion. This signals that the transaction has been finalized.

Managing Customers

In conjunction with order management, the /posface/customer/set/ endpoint allows for the addition or update of customer information related to an order.

API Endpoints

Utilize the following endpoints for order handling and customer management:

  • Order Management: /posface/order/set/
    • For creating and updating orders through the lifecycle of the sale.
  • Customer Management: /posface/customer/set/
    • For adding or updating customer information linked to orders.

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