Customer Handling

Customer Handling:


This section provides guidance on using the PETZ API to manage customer data, handle multiple phone numbers and shared accounts, and resolve common coupon-related issues.

Managing Customer Data

The /posface/customer/set/ endpoint serves as a comprehensive solution for managing customer information within PETZ. It is designed to associate customers with their corresponding PETZ accounts based on their phone number.

Key Functionality:

  • Unique Identification: Uses current_phone as a primary field to match a POS customer with a PETZ account.
  • Data Retrieval: Returns consumer_id and the consumer's PETZ Wallet upon a successful match, facilitating further interactions.

Handling Multiple Numbers and Shared Accounts

A common scenario is that a family member shares an account with another, this requires an interface for cashiers to manage customer phone numbers.

  • Switching Accounts: Implement a user interface allowing cashiers to update or confirm the phone number for the current order. This action associates the new number with the POS account and retrieves the relevant consumer_id and wallet information.
  • User Interface Recommendations: Develop an intuitive interface for cashiers to manage phone numbers easily. This ensures seamless switching between PETZ accounts as needed for transaction accuracy.

Resolving Coupon Issues

The PETZ Wallet, accessible through the customer handling endpoint, includes details on all coupons available to the customer. To address common coupon-related problems, consider the following:

  • Coupon Display: Utilize PETZ's web view to show coupon details directly from the POS, enhancing customer service by providing clear, accessible information on available offers.
  • Common Coupon Problems:
    • Incorrect phone number entries.
    • Mismatched product sizes or flavors affecting coupon applicability.

API Endpoint

  • Customer Handling: /posface/customer/set/
    • Central endpoint for creating or updating customer information and retrieving their PETZ Wallet.

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