Coupon Return Handling

Coupon Return Handling:


This section details the essential data requirements for returning a coupon to a consumers wallet. You will want to do this if a consumer uses a coupon on a product and later returns that item. When a coupon is applied the lines that it is applied to are returned with it.  This information should be saved so you can determine when a return is required. 

Essential Data for Returning a Coupon

To return a coupon, the following information is required:

  1. Device Reference (device_ref):  Used to identify the POS device.
  2. Consumer ID (consumer_id): The unique identifier of the consumer.
  3. Coupon ID (coupon_id): The ID of the coupon to be returned.
  4. Value (value): The value of the coupon.
  5. Quantity (qty): The quantity of the coupon.

Using the Coupon Return Endpoint

This endpoint is used to return a coupon that was previously redeemed. The same endpoint is used for returning both a promotion and a coupon. When a coupon is authorized PETZ returns the order line references that the coupon was applied to. If an item that had a coupon is returned, it is up to the POS to return that coupon.

API Endpoint

Utilize the following endpoint for handling coupon returns to the consumer.

  • Coupon Return: /posface/coupon/return/
    • For returning coupons or promo to the consumer wallet.

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