Initial Account Setup

Initial Account Setup:


This guide outlines the steps required to initiate your POS account with PETZ, enabling core features such as location management, register configuration, and product updates.

Account Creation and Initial Setup

To begin integration, the POS system must initiate the creation of a new PETZ account, which will, in turn, generate a unique redirect URL. This URL directs the account user to PETZ for finalizing their user setup.

Process Flow:

  1. The POS system sends a request to create a new PETZ account.
  2. PETZ responds with a redirect URL for user account completion.
  3. Upon completion, PETZ notifies the POS system that the account is now active and ready for data synchronization.

Data Synchronization Requirements

Upon account activation, synchronize the following initial data with PETZ:

  • Locations: Submit the name, address, website, and contact information for each retail location. This information populates the locator listing within PETZ. Initial setup grants control to users for future modifications via the PETZ Dashboard.
  • Registers: Identify each sales device as a register. Registers must have a unique reference ID (preferably using the device ID from your system) and a friendly name for easy identification.
  • Products: The product endpoint supports the creation or update of up to 500 products per request. Each product must have a unique reference ID. Include a list of all relevant identifiers (UPC, EAN, SKU, etc.) for each product.

API Endpoints

To facilitate the initial setup and ongoing data synchronization, utilize the following endpoints:

  • Account Setup: /posface/account/set/
    • Initializes a new account and returns the redirect URL for user completion.
  • Location Setup: /posface/location/set/
    • For creating and updating retail location details.
  • Register Setup: /posface/register/set/
    • For registering each POS device capable of completing sales.
  • Product Update: /posface/product/set/
    • For bulk creation or updates to product listings.

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