Promo Handling

Promo Handling:


This section outlines how to handle in-store promotional discounts manually verified by cashiers or automatically by the POS system, focusing on the use of the PETZ API for efficient management.

Handling Promotional Discounts

When a customer is associated with an order, invoking the /posface/customer/set/ endpoint retrieves the customer's PETZ wallet, which includes all coupons marked with type "ST" for manual handling by the POS.

Promotion Data Structure:

  • The PETZ API returns detailed objects for each "ST" type coupon, providing sufficient information for cashiers to apply discounts without hassle.

Process Flow

  1. Identify Applicable Coupons: Loop through each "ST" coupon in the customer's PETZ wallet.
  2. Verification: Ask the cashier to verify if the coupon applies to any items in the order.
  3. Apply Discounts: For each applicable coupon, apply the discount to the selected item(s) and record the details.
  4. Redemption: Send redemption details to the /posface/coupon/redeem/ endpoint for each used coupon.

User Interface Considerations

  • Simplicity: Given that customers typically have 1-5 store promotions, the interface should facilitate easy review and application of each.
  • Exclusivity: Promotions should not be combined on a single line item. Once a promotion is applied, that item should be excluded from further discounts.
  • Visualization: Display a list of available promotions, allowing the cashier to select the applicable discount and the corresponding item.

Handling Returns

In case of returns involving items purchased with a coupon:

  • Process the Return: Manage the discount reversal as with any in-store promotion.
  • Coupon Return: Use the /posface/coupon/return/ endpoint to return the coupon, making it available for future use by the customer, provided it has not expired.

Related API Endpoints

  • Coupon Redemption: /posface/coupon/redeem/
    • For marking coupons as redeemed upon successful application of the discount.
  • Coupon Returns: /posface/coupon/return/
    • For reinstating a coupon to a customer's wallet in case of a product return with applicable coupon.
  • Customer Data: /posface/customer/set/
    • For retrieving customer-specific promotion data (PETZ wallet).

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