Add a Second Number to Original Account

Add a Second Number to Original Account

Sometimes you will encounter a consumer that shares an account with a family member. Below is the way to add a second phone number to the account. 

  1. Enter the customers phone number into the sale.
  2. A prompt for "Are you following us on PETZ?" will pop up.
  3. If they are not a user of the PETZ app, they will be asked to join by scanning your stores QR code or decline.
  4. If they decline but share an account with another user, add the PETZ phone number that they wish to be added to.
  5. Now they will have access to the coupons in that PETZ account.

*Note: if the customer shares an account, when the customer engagement prompt comes up the person at the register should select Yes. Then when you go to check them out, you can enter in the phone number of the account they share.

To see the process of adding a second number in action, please view the video below!

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