Archiving Products

Archiving for future use.

If you see a campaign for a product you do not carry that is available in PETZ, the solution is easy! If you have zero inventory on the product you may choose to archive it, don't worry you can undo this at any time! This process is essential to keeping your PETZ coupon offers relevant to your store.


  1. Go into Settings > Archive Items.
  2. Check the box of any item(s) you wish to archive.
  3. In the bottom left corner of the table click the archive button.


You may choose to restock an item at a later date.

  1. Go into Settings > Archive Items, at the top of the table next to Item Search click the box for Archived and search.
  2. Next to any product you have Archived will be an Un-Archive button. Click it and your product is back.
  3. Now just set your stock and enjoy access to the PETZ coupons on the products your customers love!

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