Wallet Confirmation Prompt

Wallet Confirmation Prompt

Confirming the customer 
As we mentioned in the  Completing a Sale  course, after you hit pay you will be prompted with some more options. Let's explore those so that we can finish our sale!

The first option:
This is the choice if the wallet is the correct customers wallet. 

The second option:
This is used in case the customer adds a coupon to their wallet during the sale, this will refresh the wallet and the new coupon will now appear!

The third option:
This is used in the instance that a customer shares an account with a family member. The steps for pulling up the proper account are outlined in the  Add a Second Number to Original Account  course!

The fourth option:
If for some reason the customer decides to not use their PETZ coupons you select this option to remove all promotions/coupons from the sale.

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