Adding Media to the Asset Library

Adding Media to the Asset Library

The Asset Library is where you are able to store product images, promotional videos, and different marketing messages for quick and easy access to help create campaigns for your products!

Below are the sizing requirements for the different media types.

Photos must be sized to 400x400px and saved as a PNG file. Visit the Sizing Images lesson for more details.
Once you have your image sized and ready to go, enter a title for the image, select the brand, and choose your type of image. You can choose between "campaign", "logo", and "banner". 

Videos for the coupons must be 16:9 Aspect Ratio and at least 800px wide. 
Similar to images, select a title for the video and the brand it is associated with and add the vimeo url where the video is stored.

Marketing Messages:
Here you can add a short marketing message that will show up on the coupon as a product description. To get started select a title for the message you want to write and then write that message out. It can be a product description or any other sort of marketing message you wish to convey to the consumers.

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