Creating a Spokespet

Can your pet speak? 
No, we don't expect your pet to literally talk, but they can still be the voice of your brand! Your Spokespet will represent your brand and can make announcements on your behalf. Whether your brand encompasses a single line or multiple product ranges, it's not a problem. Let your Spokespet be the delightful ambassador of your brand, engaging your audience in a fun and memorable way! Follow the steps below to set up your spokespet today.

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. Find the brand card you want to set up for.
  3. Click on the social tab.(image 1)
  4. Click on the +Create Spokespet button.(image 1)
  5. Set your details and add an image.(image 2)
  6. Save.
  7. Join the fun! 

Now that you have your spokespet set up you can now make posts and engage directly with consumers! 

Follow the interactive photo slider below for screen shots of the process.

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