Rewards Program

Here come the rewards!
Setup your rewards program to reward consumers for buying ANY of your products! Creating campaigns to move specific subsets of products is important, but don't you want to increase brand loyalty for all of your products?  If so a rewards program is for you.  Petz Mobile rewards are available across all POS integrated PETZ retailers.

One time setup
Unlike our other campaign types, your rewards program is only setup once per brand and is available by clicking on add campaign then "Rewards Program."

"Rewards Percentage", this the percent of rewards points the consumer receives for being enrolled in the program and purchasing your brands products. Once the consumer reaches a certain point these are redeemable for the Rewards Coupons.

"Reward Coupon Options", are the increments a consumer can generate a coupon for.  In the pictured rewards program the consumer will be able to generate, $5, $10, $20 coupons that are valid on any single product in the brand.  Keep in mind when setting these that most of your products should cost more than these values.

Once these values are set, you can modify them at any time by editing the brand, however altering the Rewards Percentage should not be done flippantly. 

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