Frequent Buyer

Margin Issues?
Does your brand have highly variable margins on different products?  Frequent Buyer is the rewards program for a specific subset of products.  With the most flexible frequent buyer created, reward your loyal customers with a free product after X purchases.  You can even have variable purchase period lengths.

Free Product Rule - the coupon generated can be valid on any of the eligible products or only valid on eligible products of equal or lessor value to the least expensive qualifying product purchased.

Allow combination with other coupons - If no then any time a consumer uses a Petz Mobile coupon on a purchase it does not count towards the frequent buyer card.

Everything is fully automated! You just setup your campaign and that's it.  Every time a qualifying purchase is made by a Petz Mobile consumer on an integrated POS a punch is made on the rewards card for a consumer.  When the reward is reached a coupon is automatically generated in the consumer's wallet!  The the next time a consumer makes a purchase of a qualifying item the coupon will automatically be applied to the order for the value of the item purchased. This is a hassle free way to give discounts for repeat customers.

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