PETZ Store Locator

Searching Stores

As we spread the word about PETZ, consumers will actively search for authorized PETZ redemption centers using our convenient store locator feature. Make sure your store is listed and easily discoverable through the PETZ app.​

Brand Locator 

The brand locator within the PETZ app is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers. If a customer is introduced to PETZ through a specific brand or finds themselves in a different location, they can utilize the brand locator to find nearby stores that carry their preferred brand. Ensure your store is included in the brand locator to capture the attention of brand-conscious customers and drive more foot traffic to your location.

Verify your information

PETZ is designed to assist consumers in finding your store, but this can only be achieved if we have accurate location information from you. After enrolling in PETZ, simply click on the "Edit" button located on a location card to proceed. It is crucial to verify and update your address details, and don't forget to include your website and phone number to complete your listing. By providing precise and comprehensive information, you significantly increase the likelihood of potential customers effortlessly discovering and reaching out to your store. Ensure your store is easily accessible and contactable by providing the necessary details through PETZ.

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