Enabling App Features

Enable Features

To access the wizard, simply click on the phone icon located under the "Actions" section. This will bring up the wizard for further guidance and assistance.

Edit Phone(s) in the Wizard

Once you are in the Wizard, locate the input field for phone numbers.

Type in the phone number you wish to add.

After entering the phone number, click on the check mark icon located to the right of the input field to confirm and save the changes.

Additionally, if there are team members or individuals you want to exclude from contests, you can add their phone numbers to the Family Phone Numbers section.

By following these instructions, you can effectively edit and manage phone numbers within the Wizard.

Enabling Features: QR Code and Direct Link

Once you have enabled the features, you will receive a unique QR Code. Consumers can scan this QR Code using their mobile device by opening their camera and pointing it at the code. Scanning the QR Code will prompt them to download the Petz Mobile app from their app store, automatically following your location.

Note: If a consumer does not use QR codes, you can provide them with a direct link. To access the direct link, switch from the image view to the link view at the top.

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