Setting Your Stores Default Promotion

Setting Your Stores Default Promotion

Default Store Promotion! 
Ready to elevate your store's appeal? Introduce the "Default Store Promotion," your weekly ticket to engaging and rewarding your followers! It's easy to set up and brings a world of benefits. Each week, your dedicated customers can access a unique coupon. This consistent promotion isn't just a discount; it's a weekly highlight that keeps your followers excited about what's new in your store. Set up your Default Store Promotion and watch as it cultivates customer loyalty and transforms your store into a buzzing hub of activity every week. Get set to make your store the go-to destination! These promotions fall under the Store promotions guidelines that were outlined in the Creating Store Promotions Course. PETZ DOES NOT reimburse for store promotions.

Setting up a Default Store Promotion:

  1.  Log in to your portal.
  2. Scroll down to your stores Location Card you can find more details on the Card in the Location Card Breakdown course.
  3. Select the edit icon on the Default Store Promotion. (image1)
  4. Select one of the options then hit save! (image2)

Follow the interactive photo slider below to see screen shots of the process!

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